Garage Hinges


At Garage Door Utah, we have a full list of inspection checkpoints that we go through when our technicians install or repair your garage.  One of the crucial components in our inspection checklist is the garage hinges.

Type of Garage Hinge

A lot of times if a hinge is going bad, there’s going to be a crack in the hinge. Garage Door Utah use a commercial-grade, thicker-gauge steel hinge.  These garage hinges are a lot thicker than the residential type. Most people don’t know that there’s different hinges for different spots.   The hinges are numbered in sequential order with where they are installed on a garage.  For example, the number ‘One’s go low, near the bottom of the garage.

The number two, three, and four, and so on, go higher up the garage door.   This is also a factor in our checklist, to make sure that the numbers of the hinges are installed in sequential order on your garage.  If not, you have yourself a weakness in where your garage is fastened with the hinge.

Video Demonstration

Owner, Tom Clarke, shows you what garage door hinges look like, and where he inspects them in this video clip.  Clark demonstrates the importance of garage hinges in this clip.  Watch now!

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