Garage Door Video Transcripts

Broken Spring Repair

So a few things that we do different with our spring changes is that we cut our springs directly from a “worm”. When we go to repair a garage, there are so many different types of springs and door sizes.

Therefore, we carry this worm in all different sizes on our service trucks.  We can cut it to the custom length that your garage door needs, and get the exact spring for your door.  It’s the perfect balance every time.

After we cut it, we “cone”.  This means that we install  a stationary cone and a winding cone.  This makes sure that your garage is running perfectly when we leave.

New Rollers for Garage Track

Okay, another thing that we check are the rollers.  It’s very important that your rollers are gliding smoothly through the track.   In this video, Tommy shows you what a bad roller looks like.  You’ll see it’s wobbly and the bearings aren’t rolling properly.  Basically, this roller is just old.   If we change it out, we’re going to put this ten ball nylon roller on. It will gonna quiet your garage door down, and it’s going to make your door open and close more smoothly. So, we’ll get rid of the old one, then put the new ones in.  Check out Tommy’s video clip to see right where the rollers go.



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