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Garage Door Video Transcripts

Broken Spring Repair So a few things that we do different with our spring changes is that we cut our springs directly from a “worm”. When we go to repair a garage, there are so many different types of springs and door sizes. Therefore, we carry this worm in all different sizes on our service trucks.  We can .. read more

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Garage Inspection Checklist

Any time Garage Door Utah comes to your home, we perform a 20-point Inspection Checklist. A lot of times, we go through that list and don’t find things. Sometimes, we do and those things are important.  Especially when we need to change out a part or lubricate the rails. A 20-point checklist is from top to bottom, back to .. read more

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Garage Hinges

Hinges At Garage Door Utah, we have a full list of inspection checkpoints that we go through when our technicians install or repair your garage.  One of the crucial components in our inspection checklist is the garage hinges. Type of Garage Hinge A lot of times if a hinge is going bad, there’s going to .. read more

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Signs that it is Time to Replace your Utah Garage Door

All Types of Materials Used in Your Utah Garage Door If you now own a wood garage door, it will require periodic painting to protect from rotting and the harsh elements. If the wood had deteriorated with cracks or any holes, moisture could have damaged it as well and will require replacement. Also, wood garage .. read more