Do You Need New Rollers?

  • Increasingly Noisy
  • Falls Out of Alignment
  • Excessive Vibration

These are all signs that your garage door rollers need to be looked at. Rollers can wear down over the years. Especially if they are not properly maintained. Bad rollers can be wobbly and the bearings can begin to break. The rollers run along the side of the garage door and help the door glide up.

How often should garage door rollers be serviced?

  • It is recommenced that Nylon rollers be inspected at least once yearly.
  • Lube should be applied to the bearings every 4-6 months.

It’s always a good idea to seek professional services when working with garage doors. Poorly maintained rollers can last as little as 2 years. There are so many moving parts that need to be maintained throughout each season. Make sure to have your garage door serviced yearly to maintain it’s structural durability.

Steel vs. Nylon Rollers

There are two kinds of rollers that are most widely used on garage doors. Steel and nylon rollers both work well, but for it’s durability and quietness, Nylon is the top choice for garage doors today.

  • Nylon Rollers are the most widely used. Garage Door Utah chooses to use Nylon Rollers. The durable nylon material reduces friction and less vibration when the door is opening and closing. It also glides a lot more smoothly on the roller track in comparison to the steel on steel that you get with other rollers.  Nylon rollers can last anywhere from 10-20 years depending on how well they are maintained.
  • Steel Rollers can be a good option for heavy duty garage doors. They last the longest, about 20 years, if they are maintained properly. Maintaining lubrication is key with steel rollers.

    The downside? They are pretty noisy. They are also more likely to be weather damaged if not properly maintained.

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