Motor Replacements

Signs You May Need a New Motor

  • Slow to open garage door.

  • Noisy.

  • Looking for upgraded technology.

  • Motor over 15 years old.

Chain Drive & Belt Drive

What’s the difference?

A garage door opener is the motor that makes all the moving parts do their thing.

It is triggered by a transmitter/remote or wall station, and these days even your phone on or off location.

How do you choose?

Visually there isn’t a whole lot of difference between a belt drive operator and a chain drive operator. When choosing between a chain or a belt for your motor there’s a few things to consider.





Pros & Cons

Belt Drive

  • Quite

    Unlike the chain and gear mechanisms that are involved in a chain drive motor, belt drives use a a rubber belt to move the gears and parts to open the garage door. There is much less friction and vibration when the door is in motion.

  • Less Maintenance

    Belt drives do not require the same kind of lubrication or maintenance. They are also less likely to cause alignment issues in the future.

  • Performance

    Belt drives can handle a decent amount of weight and are quick to open.

  • Strength

    Belt drives are very durable and strong. But when it comes to larger and heavier doors, chain drives are usually the better option.

  • Weather

    In extreme heat and humidity, belt drives can slip when in motion.

Chain Drive

  • Strength

    Chain drives can be used on ANY size door. They have a much higher weight capacity than a belt drive.

  • Durability

    Chain drives are durable through all seasons. Properly maintained chains and gears will run smoothly no matter the weather.

  • Noise

    Chain drive motors can be fairly loud. With all the gears and sprockets working together to lift the door, it can cause a lot of noise and vibration.

  • Maintenance

    Chain drives take quite a bit more maintenance. They require more lube in general and more lube throughout the year. Each metal part can also rust, so proper maintenance is crucial when owning a belt drive motor.

  • Operation

    Gears and sprockets can also slip, causing an alignment issue with your garage door.

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