Residential Rolling Sheet Doors

Rolling Sheet Doors


Garage Door Utah offers a complete line of mini storage products; including rolling curtain doors, mullions and header panels, hallway and interior divider walls.   Rolling sheet garages work well for workshops or barns built on your residential property, for example.  We offer a broad selection of standard colors. All products are built in Utah with solid components that make for straightforward installation and reliable operation.

Rolling sheet doors for an art studio, shed, wood workshop or barn can increase the current level of security for your stored belongings. Tools and supplies stored in these outdoor sheds are not cheap, and not easily replaceable in the event of theft or weather damage.   Rolling sheet doors, also known as curtain doors, provide privacy and security. There are many different styles to choose from, including those that act like window blinds, allowing you to let in however much light you wish while inside your workshop.

The window blind combined with steel roller creates a workshop or studio space.  You can harness the natural light, letting in as much as sunshine as you desire.   In addition to natural sunlight, you can open the rolling doors underneath, allowing for a breeze and circulation into the room.   Rolling curtain doors make it possible to heat and cool more easily; enabling you to work year round rather restricting yourself to moderate seasons only.

A rolling door in home businesses like pet salons can add to your professional image.  We’ll help you match the garage to your house’s color.   And, again, for added security, rolling doors far stronger than a knob and hinges.

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