How to Properly Lubricate Your Utah Garage Door

Utah Garage Door Lubricating Your Utah Garage Door is Necessary

Unfortunately, it is common practice that many homeowners will grab the first kind of lubrication they see in their garage including, axle grease, motorcycle chain lube, or oil and attempt to lubricate their garage door. This random choice of lube is oftentimes where the homeowners get it completely wrong.

When lubricating your garage door opener rail, the key is to use lube in moderation. If you apply excessive grease, you run the risk that it could drip on your car creating serious damage to the paint. Also, the lube can drip on the Utah garage door itself creating an unsightly mess. If you notice this, as soon as possible retrieve a rag and wipe away any excess.

The screw drive nails are usually over-greased as well. After you lightly grease the entire rail run  a few times, be prepared to wipe grease off of the trolley (the carrier attaching the rail to the J-arm that pushes and pulls the door). If not, it will plow up the excessive grease as it slides along the rail.

When it comes to the rollers, the proper lube to use is silicone spray. When applying the spray, make sure you angle it to enable you to get as far into the hinges as possible. By so doing, it will assist the garage door to run smoother and make it operate much quieter.

Important Reminder for Your Utah Garage Door

 NEVER USE WD 40! By composition, WD-40 is a solvent and by nature it tends to break down grease and creating excessive friction. Also, it attracts dust and dirt as well. Instead, it is highly recommended to use a quality, heavy silicone spray.  For a garage door that is used frequently, the recommended spraying is approximately every six months or so. For lighter use, once a year should be adequate.

If you are concerned about doing this task on your own, don’t hesitate to contact us to help you.

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