Planning for a Power Outage with Your Utah Garage Door

Utah Garage Door Be Prepared with Your Utah Garage Door

Unless you have had a power outage, the majority of people don’t even think twice about their garage door opener not working. We are accustomed to the garage door working properly whenever we push the remote button.

If the power does go out, you might be required to disconnect your automatic garage door opener in order to manually open your garage door. It is strongly urged to completely familiarize yourself with the entire process ahead of time in so you won’t be left frantically searching for the garage door instruction in complete darkness.

Tips to Avoid Being Locked in with Your Utah Garage Door

1.)   With the garage door closed, unplug the garage door opener.

2.)   Disconnect the garage door opener from the garage door by pulling the cord with a red handle.

3.)   Now, manually lift the garage door open. Assuming the springs are balanced, the door will open effortlessly and remain open on its own. If this is not the case, it is advisable to consult a professional.

4.)   Close the garage door and lock it by manually sliding the lock bar.

5.)   Once the power comes back on, unlock the lock bar and reconnect the automatic garage door opener.

Power Outage With your Utah Garage Door Conclusion

If the power outage is generated by a severe storm, it is imperative to visually inspect your garage door for any damage. Make sure you look for bent or damaged sections and have them replaced immediately before use. If you have a wood garage door, make sure it is repaired to prevent rot or from being warped.

Another idea to seriously consider is to purchase a garage door opener with a battery back-up feature. With that, the garage door opener will continue to operate properly during the outage.

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