My Garage Won’t Lift

My Garage Door Won’t Lift!

Broken Springs

A garage spring is a coil that lifts and lowers your garage door

Springs are vital components to the successful operation of mechanical garage doors.   Torsion springs exert a force when twisted. Springs are typically coils that assist in the opening and closing of garage doors. Most homeowners don’t even think about these springs until they break, as they are located above the garage door opening on a bar out of plain sight.   Although these springs last for many years, they eventually break or wear out.

Lifespan of a Garage Springs

Torsion springs break for a variety of reasons, often because of simple wear and tear. These springs are rated for a number of cycles, with a cycle consisting of the opening and closing of the garage door. Your torsion springs may be rated for 10,000 cycles or more. If you know the rating and how old they are, you can better estimate the life of the springs and be proactive about having them replaced before your car gets stuck in the garage. You can also opt for springs that are rated for more cycles so that they will last longer. Talk to your service technician about your options.

Broken Springs

Rust or climate changes can also cause torsion springs to wear out or even to snap off. In the case of rust, keeping the springs lubricated can help extend their life. However, springs tend to break most often during spring and fall as a result of drastic weather changes. Regular safety and maintenance inspections can ensure your garage door remains in proper working order. This way, if springs or other parts are wearing out, you can get them replaced before the need becomes urgent.

Unfortunately, the first sign that your torsion springs may be broken may be when your automatic garage door opener won’t open the door. You may change the batteries, but if the garage door still won’t open, you may want to try the manual lift test:

Using the handle, grip the garage door and lift just a few inches and then let go. If it slams back to the ground, it’s time to call a technician.

Spring Repair

While it may be tempting to try to repair or replace torsion springs on your own, this can be an extremely dangerous practice because installing new springs puts them under tension. Without the right tools or expertise, accidents can occur, resulting in the loss of life or limbs. You could also damage the garage door or the mechanism, resulting in more expensive repairs.

This is not an area in which to cut corners. Not only do you want to ensure the safety of yourself and your property, but the proper installation of the right size and kind of springs can ensure that your garage door operates safely and efficiently for many years.

Our professional technicians have the right tools and experience to easily replace torsion springs. In addition, we conduct safety checks to ensure springs and opener are in proper working order. In fact, we offer a lifetime warranty on garage spring repairs and replacements.

Watch THIS to Avoid Serious Injury from Garage Springs

Owner, Tommy Clarke, has seen people seriously injure themselves replacing a garage spring.   Only trained technicians can replace springs because there is so much torque.  If you wind up a spring to install it but the tension is off, the spring snaps…sending you straight to the ER.   Tommy shares more in this video.

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