Garage Door Issues in Cold Weather

garage door issuesAt Garage Door Utah, we know that any change in the weather seems to cause many garage door issues. Plastic and tempered steel changes as the weather changes. Oftentimes, the wood jamb around the garage door swells as a result of moisture and causes the garage door to drag. Additionally, the cold weather may have caused cracks or other damage to parts that house electrical wires or sensors.

First things first – Before proceeding with any garage door issues, a note of caution. Never attempt to adjust springs, remove the bottom fixtures, or disconnect or cut a cable. These components are under extreme tension, and can cause serious injury. Leave that stuff to us pros.

Common Garage Door Issues

One of the common garage door issues that occurs is that the door opener isn’t working. This is a result of the door or the opener itself. By performing a visual inspection of cables and springs, it can explain the issue. However, if nothing seems out of sync, try attempting to open the door manually. If it seems hard to do so as well as not staying open, the door probably requires a spring adjustment. If it just seems a bit stiff and creaks and moans, a bit of lubrication such as Genie lubricant should do the trick.

When opening the door and it gets stuck halfway, you can reset the open force setting. If so, slightly increase the force but not so much it won’t stop or reverse if there is any form of obstruction. If the door stops midway and opens back up as well as the opener lights flashing, the safety beams have been broken. This could be caused by any obstruction including ice, snow or any other form of debris. To fix this situation, an adjustment to the down force will help. If the door just abruptly stops or reverses without the corresponding down light, it could be the adjustment on the down force as well. As with all adjustments, we recommend that you make sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications ahead of time.

As always, if you have any questions or would like a free quote on garage door repair please call one of our friendly technicians.


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