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Thieves Love Your Garage Door Opener App

Are Smart Phone Apps for Garage Door Openers Safe? Technology evolves to make our lives easier; however, convenience can present complications. The newest way of opening garage doors using your smart phone renders your house vulnerable to theft.   Many of the mobile software applications can operate home garage door openers. According to companies that test security on web and mobile apps, .. read more

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Summer Heat Affects Garage Doors

Everyone loves it when summer arrives! The kids are out of school, summer vacation is coming, and it is time to play! Oft overlooked, summer can also have a devastating effect on property, especially your garage doors. Here is an overview of how to ensure this summer’s heat does not cause expensive or dangerous damage .. read more

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My Garage Won’t Lift

My Garage Door Won’t Lift! Springs are vital components to the successful operation of mechanical garage doors.   Torsion springs exert a force when twisted. Springs are typically coils that assist in the opening and closing of garage doors. Most homeowners don’t even think about these springs until they break, as they are located above .. read more

Choosing The Right Garage Door

Choosing The Right Garage Door For Your Needs At Garage Door Utah, we realize that choosing the right garage door can be daunting. To assist in the decision, we offer some useful tips  for you to consider when looking at a garage door that will suit your needs best. Garage Door Style  When it comes .. read more

Planning for a Power Outage with Your Utah Garage Door

Be Prepared with Your Utah Garage Door Unless you have had a power outage, the majority of people don’t even think twice about their garage door opener not working. We are accustomed to the garage door working properly whenever we push the remote button. If the power does go out, you might be required to .. read more

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9 Tips for Utah Garage Door Safety

Utah Garage Doors Can Be Dangerous Garages are an ideal space for storage, keeping your vehicles protected and out of the elements, home projects. However, having a Utah garage door can come with safety and security challenges. We have compiled these tips for garage door safety and for the protections of your assets. 9 Tips .. read more

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How to Properly Lubricate Your Utah Garage Door

Lubricating Your Utah Garage Door is Necessary Unfortunately, it is common practice that many homeowners will grab the first kind of lubrication they see in their garage including, axle grease, motorcycle chain lube, or oil and attempt to lubricate their garage door. This random choice of lube is oftentimes where the homeowners get it completely .. read more

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Common Utah Garage Door Myths

At this time, we would like to debunk some of the myths and misconceptions regarding Utah garage doors. The following list points out some of the most popular: Utah Garage Door Myths  Many people wrongly assume that the garage door opener actually lifts the weight of the entire door. No matter the size or power .. read more

Utah Garage Door Remote Stopped Working

My Utah Garage Door Remote Broke All of a sudden you push the remote for your automatic garage door opener and it fails to open/close your garage door. Don’t fret—there are some simple things to consider before you panic and call in a service technician and are faced with a service fee. Tips to Repair .. read more

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All About Insulated Utah Garage Doors

Options For Utah Garage Doors If you are in the market for a new garage door or possibly an upgrade to your existing one, there are many options to explore before you expend any money. One of the key concerns should be whether the garage door is insulated or not. There are many advantages to .. read more

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