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We are prepared to install or repair commercial garage doors for a variety of industries and businesses in Ogden or Layton.  Garage Door Utah offers rustic, wood for durability and security. Or, you may opt for high-strength, steel doors for a great savings value.  Alternatively, aluminum garage doors combine security and maximum visibility. The rolling steel doors have premium ball bearings, balance designs, and precision construction to ensure efficient, trouble-free use with minimal maintenance.  To learn more about each, click below.

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Commercial Rolling Sheet Doors

Commercial rolling sheet doors generally are well suited for warehouse and storage facilities. These doors are made by wide sheets of steel roll formed with grooves, that are then put together into a full sheet. That sheet will ultimately make the garage door that will be guided vertically by roll formed guides.

When it comes to sizes, rolling sheet doors come in various different options, referred to as gauges. The smaller the gauge number, the lighter the door is. Popular sizes include 18 gauge, 16 gauge, and 12 gauge doors.

Some of the pros of commercial rolling sheet doors is that they are generally quite quiet as they have wear-strips that prevent metal to metal contact that would normally create a raucous. If there is uneven ground, commercial rolling sheet doors have a weatherstrip at the bottom that will ensure a proper fit.

The cons of a door such as the rolling sheet garage door thankfully are not too many. However, the fact that there are not many varieties to please aesthetic value, that may be a turn off to some people. These doors are considered harder to install than other types of garage doors as well.

Commercial Insulated Doors

Commercial insulated doors are used in buildings that require the contents inside the garage be temperature controlled. Some storage facilities that would want such a door could be those such as companies that sell foliage or items that are sensitive to heat or cold.

Insulated garage doors have a metal covering over a hard core, which is made from either polyurethane or polystyrene. The center of either of those two substances allows the door to provide a more controlled temperature on the inside of the garage. Sizes for commercial insulated doors can go up to being as large as 40’2” wide and 32’1” high.

Some pros of insulated doors are the fact that anything kept inside will be more temperature controlled. Many doors also come with a weatherstrip at the bottom to ensure that the elements such as rain or snow will stay out.

The main con to a commercial insulated door is the fact that the cost will be much more expensive than other options that are available. When purchasing an insulated door, there is a major cost increase for an extra layer of steel and insulation.

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Best Option for your Business

The best option for any business when it comes to garage doors will depend on the business’ individual needs. If insulation is not of a concern, then rolling sheet doors will serve just fine. On the other hand, if temperature sensitive items are of a concern, insulated doors would be a much wiser option.