Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken Garage Door SpringWhile most people would say it’s the garage door opener, the springs on your garage door actually do most of the heavy lifting to move your garage door up and down. When an opener fails it could need new batteries. Broken spring repair is more serious.   Spring and fall are optimal seasons for springs to break because of the drastic weather changes.  If you’re experiencing, problems with a garage door don’t try to fix it yourself. This can often exacerbate problems. Instead, turn to Ogden’s broken spring repair and replacement experts.  Our technicians service Ogden, Layton and Clearfield, UT.

We offer lifetime warranties on most spring replacements

Broken Spring Repair

If your garage door is not lifting and lowering the way it did just a few days ago, you may have a broken spring. There are a couple ways to help identify a broken garage spring:

1. You may have heard a loud noise in the past couple of days.Broken Springs

2. You have not replaced your garage door springs in the past 5 – 7 years.

3. You can examine the spring and you will clearly see that it is broken.

If you are Ogden, Clearfield, or Layton and need help replacing a broken spring, call Garage Door Utah for quick, reliable service.  Replacing two, huge springs isn’t an easy task. Replacing it on your own is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, time consuming, and doesn’t really save you an extraordinary amount of money.   Plus, there are certain garages that require more powerful springs.  Only a professional can identify this issue.  It can be tempting to try and fix it on your own, especially if you can see the spring hanging from your garage.  Hold off, instead call 801-837-1862 to fix your broken garage springs.


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