Signs that it is Time to Replace your Utah Garage Door

All Types of Materials Used in Your Utah Garage Door If you now own a wood garage door, it will require periodic painting to protect from rotting and the harsh elements. If the wood had deteriorated with cracks or any holes, moisture could have damaged it as well and will require replacement. Also, wood garage .. read more

Three Common Utah Garage Door Problems

Utah Garage Door Maintenance With all the use that garage doors experience, it should come as no surprise that they require regular maintenance and repair. Although many common problems can be fixed with relative ease, others might need the skills of a garage door professional. Common Utah Garage Door Issues 1) The Garage Door Refuses .. read more

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Tips to Save Energy with your Utah Garage Door

Save Money with your Utah Garage Door With our current economy forcing many of us to ponder what we can do to cut costs, one that is of great concern is our heating bills during the long winter months. It seems like it is a constant juggling act between being comfortable and saving money. If .. read more

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Utah Garage Door Maintenance

Utah Garage Door Maintenance is Essential The truth be told, your garage door represents a secure place to keep some of your valuable such as your car, motorcycle, boat, etc. and away from the corrosive outside elements. Furthermore, it greatly enhances your aesthetic presence of your home. Based on this, maintaining your garage door is .. read more

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What’s Comes with a New Utah Garage Door Opener?

Utah Garage Doors are Safer It should be noted that before 1993, that a Utah garage door lacked a very significant safety feature that is now standard. Photoelectric eyes which are secured about six inches from the floor send an invisible beam across the door opening to prevent entrapment. If an animal or child is .. read more

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Garage Door Utah Puts Customers First

Garage Door Utah Specializes in All Aspects of Garage Doors Garage Door Utah is your premier garage door provider accommodating all types of garage door needs in the immediate Ogden, Utah area. We do Garage door installations, repairs, and opener repairs.  Living in this area, we realize that the weather can change rapidly. Plastic and .. read more

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Garage Door Issues in Cold Weather

At Garage Door Utah, we know that any change in the weather seems to cause many garage door issues. Plastic and tempered steel changes as the weather changes. Oftentimes, the wood jamb around the garage door swells as a result of moisture and causes the garage door to drag. Additionally, the cold weather may have .. read more

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Keep the draft out

Q. Why is my garage too drafty or too cold? The extent of drafts in your garage door(s) can be reduced. Sectional doors and roller doors come complete with a weather resistant strip at the bottom of the door that creates an effective seal to keep wind and leaves outside your garage. An optional extra .. read more

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Smooth Operator

Q. Why is the opener noise so loud inside our home? If operation noise can be heard in your home, an optional Vibration Isolator Kit can be installed. This kit is designed to minimize vibration to the house. We can also replace chains with belts to minimize noise. Finally, if the garage is below living quarters, .. read more

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Another common problem

Q. The opener strains when opening the garage door. What should I do about it? The door may be out of balance or the spring(s) may be broken. Close the door and disconnect it from the motor track by pulling the emergency release handle. Open and close the garage door manually. A properly balanced door .. read more

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