Common Utah Garage Door Myths

At this time, we would like to debunk some of the myths and misconceptions regarding Utah garage doors. The following list points out some of the most popular: Utah Garage Door Myths  Many people wrongly assume that the garage door opener actually lifts the weight of the entire door. No matter the size or power .. read more

Utah Garage Door Remote Stopped Working

My Utah Garage Door Remote Broke All of a sudden you push the remote for your automatic garage door opener and it fails to open/close your garage door. Don’t fret—there are some simple things to consider before you panic and call in a service technician and are faced with a service fee. Tips to Repair .. read more

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All About Insulated Utah Garage Doors

Options For Utah Garage Doors If you are in the market for a new garage door or possibly an upgrade to your existing one, there are many options to explore before you expend any money. One of the key concerns should be whether the garage door is insulated or not. There are many advantages to .. read more

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Top Five Utah Garage Door Problems and Solutions

Utah Garage Door Maintenance Preventive Utah garage door maintenance is the key for avoiding potentially costly repairs down the road. Listed below, we have listed some key components of some basic maintenance that lessen or possibly prevent major issues in the future. Utah Garage Door Solutions Over the span of many years of constant use, .. read more

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Listen to Your Utah Garage Door

Common Issues with a Utah Garage Door As with all homeowners who have a Utah garage door with an automatic opener, over a period of time all of them are going to require maintenance and eventually some repairs of some sort. Putting this into perspective, your garage door is the largest moving object in your .. read more

Utah Garage Door Openers: Chain Drive Versus Belt Drive

Chain drives use a metal chain to run the garage door on its track. Economically speaking, chain drives are the least expensive and the favorite of most people. On the negative side, they are the nosiest when in operation. For example, if you have a home with a detached garage, they might be ideal for .. read more

Utah Garage Door Care and Maintenance

Utah Garage Door Care Having an attached garage, your garage door provides security for everything in your home, your family, and your car as well as from the outside elements. Based on this, here are some suggestions and checks to be performed monthly in order to maintain the condition of your Utah garage door. Self .. read more

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Utah Garage Door Safety

How Safe is Your Utah Garage Door? Did you know that upwards of 30,000 people end up in the hospital every year with injuries sustained from garage doors? The majority of injuries occur when homeowners attempt to fix or repair their damaged garage door. When you are faced with a broken door scenario, it is .. read more

Exciting News For a Utah Garage Door Company

A Utah Garage Door Company You Can Trust We are so excited to announce a new location at 745 Wall Avenue in Ogden, Utah. We have methodically assisted people in the greater Ogden, Utah area repair their garage doors for many years now. Our reputation has been established by impeccable service. If you are in .. read more

Top 7 Reasons for an Insulated Utah Garage Door

A Utah Garage Door Serves Many Purposes Nowadays, there are many uses of garages instead of only parking your vehicles in it. During the Utah cold winter months, it can become an extension of your home. With that being said, it is very important to purchase the best insulated garage door on the market. A .. read more

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