Aluminum doors require very low level of maintenance. Their ability to sustain their original condition year round demonstrates a high corrosion resistance.

Residential aluminum doors are commonly lower in price, and lighter weight than other material. People often compare the aluminum garage doors with steel garage doors. Just like aluminum garage doors, the steel garage doors are light (and cheap). However, aluminum is less susceptible to corrosion of the two.

Moreover, aluminum’s light weight makes it easier for homeowners to open and close the door without its electric control system.   Lighter weight exerts less strain on the garage’s operating system when it is in use.

Aluminum garage doors are popular in coastal cities because of their tough, rust resistance.  Even extremely cold or extremely hot weather will not have any impact.  Aluminum maintains its original shape and color over the spans of many years.

For an eco-friendly, recyclable material that is sophisticated in style and can be updated with a quick paint job, consider installing aluminum garage doors on your home.


Modern Classic

Now you can have the stylish appeal of a sleek and architecturally refined aluminum garage doors, the Modern Classic™. The Modern Classic is a true stile and rail garage door made with an all-aluminum construction. Panel widths and heights can be configured to meet your requirements. Choose from glass or aluminum panels, painted or anodized finish, regardless of your choices the Modern Classic’s beauty will last a lifetime and is virtually maintenance free.

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Modern Classic Collection



Infinity Classic

Northwest Door has combined the elegance of a wooden carriage house style door with the latest manufacturing technology to create the new aluminum garage doors called Infinity Classic™. Infinity Classic’s weather resistant durability is unsurpassed and with proper maintenance, will virtually last the life of your home, “Everlasting Elegance”.

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